Get Free Stuff for Downloading Free Apps!

By Josh Bickham

Okay, I know. It sounds like a gimmick. Well in a way it is, but this does actually work. It’s, by no means, a way to get rich, and the only thing it cost you is a little time.

There are actually quite a few of these Free programs available. How it works is that App makers will promote their apps to these programs to get as many people to download them as possible. In turn, these programs that you sign up with give you points for downloading these free Apps. You can then redeem those points for gifts with places like iTunes for $10-$50 gift card, Amazon for $1-$25 gift cards, and even PayPal for $5-$10 cash in your PayPal account. There are many other companies and organizations that offer gift cards in these programs like Xbox, Shutterfly, and you can even turn your points into generous donations to places like the Cancer Foundation, UNICEF Donations, and Tony Hawk Foundation.

Why would they do this? Well, this benefits App makers in several ways,

1) They get their app advertised to millions of people

2) The more people who downloads their apps the more popular it becomes in the App Store

3) They bank on a percentage of people who may end up liking and keeping the Apps they download.

So if you want to give it a try I’ll talk about 3 different ones I have been using and how it works.
They Are:


Free My Apps (FMA)

Referral Code:  d10512f9

Any Mobile Device

There is no App for FMA, it is simply a website that you can go to. You can bookmark the website to your Home Screen on any iOS device to help.

Click the Box with the Arrow


 Open the website and select the box with the arrow at the bottom of the screen

Select “Add to Home Screen”.  Then Type in the name and select “Add”

The first question I asked was if these sites were safe. Yes, there is not malware associated with these sites. It’s completely safe.

You will be prompted with a screen (shown below) that tells you this will change settings on your device. This is perfectly okay, it doesn’t actually make changes. It only uses your phones ID to ensure that you have only one account per device. They can’t track you or hack you with the info, it’s the same information that gets used with any App you download on your phone. The only reason you see it here is because this isn’t an app downloaded from the AppStore, which already uses this information in your iTunes account to associate it with the device.

Photo Source:

Here are the steps to follow to get started.

  • Go to on your mobile device
  • Enroll using your secure device profile. And allow it to Install.
  • Now you are ready to begin downloading the sponsored apps.

You will see a list of apps available and the number of points each app gives you.
At the top right you will see your total credits as you go. Sometimes this won’t update automatically and it may take some time for it to register. But be patient.
You will also see 3 tabs at the top: “Sponsors” which are the apps listed below, “Gifts” which tell you what you can redeem your points for and how much, and “Share”. This option allows you to share your unique code via Facebook, twitter, email, or SMS.

IMG_0060  IMG_0056IMG_0061

When you refer someone with your link, you are both awarded 200 free points. Additionally, you can share your code with new people. If they sign up using your code you will get 200 points for each new person that Enrolls their device and downloads at least One sponsored app, and they will receive 200 free points at their start as well. If you follow the links I provided above then you will have used my referral code and will receive 200 free points. As will I, so thank you!

When you download the sponsored apps, what you need to do to ensure you get the points is to just go through whatever intro the app has. Don’t allow notifications, as that will save you headache later if you forget to delete the app. Once you start the app, the general rule is to either play it, or just let it run for at least 2 minutes to ensure that you get your points. Sometimes you have to play through the first level of the game to get to where it registers with iTunes. Usually that’s the point where they ask you to enter a name, or when the tutorial of the game ends. But after about 2 minute, reload FMA and see if the points have updated. Once you have downloaded that app, you can never get points for that app again. So it’s important to let the app run and complete the tutorials.

Now….Once in awhile you will do everything you are supposed to, and the points will never register. Sometimes this happens when the App maker stops offering the App with FMA or other program. They ultimately decide how long it runs and how long they honor paying the program. If it happens, just take it and move on.

The sponsored apps list will empty eventually, or it will keep showing apps you have already downloaded. You just have to wait for them to add more. Check it every day. Sometimes every couple of hours one will show up. Good advice, if you see a new one, Hit it! It may not be there next time. Once you select the app on the program, you have 48 hours to download and run it from iTunes to still qualify for your points. I suggest doing it immediately.

Once you redeem your points, you do not have to wait for a card in the mail. They will send you the code and you can use it immediately. That goes for all the apps.

I’m not going to go into detail too much about the last two. I will just give you the information. All of these programs work with the same basic setup as I’ve outlined above.


AppJoy Rewards+ by Sweetwasabi Lab

Download in the App Store (iTunes link)

Referral Code:  b311993


In this app, credits and points are called “Nanas”
Get 400 free Nanas every day you visit the app
Invite someone and get 2500 free Nanas
Enter my code and we both get 2500 free Nanas. Enter: b311993 in the invite screen. Then share your own code with others.

*Update 5/18/2013:  AppJoy has just recently added to the share feature.  Now after you successfully share your referral code to 5 people and they download from the app, you can enter another referral code and get another 2500 free Nanas.


FeaturePoints – Another web-based program like FreeMyApps

Use the link to get free referral points

Referral Code: DW63KM

Any Mobile Device

IMG_0057  IMG_6712

One thing I will mention on this app, is that you bonus points for each app you refer and someone downloads. Each app has “bonus referral points” if you refer that app OR someone downloads that app using FP and uses your referral code. You get bonus points as do they.

Hope some of you find this useful. Have fun earning free stuff. You’ll consider it worth it once you get your first free Rewards Card. There are several videos online that explain these different apps. I’ve included one below.


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