Verizon’s New Motorola Droid Line-Up

A Trio of new DROID’s by Motorola are about to invade the shelves exclusively to Verizon Wireless. The new DROID line-up consists of the Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini.

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AT&T’s ‘Next’ Plan vs. T-Mobile’s ‘Jump’

Mobile carriers seem to battle it out more often than guests on that “not-to-be-named” popular daytime talk show. If it’s not over plan pricing and data packages, it’s over who does or doesn’t have the iPhone. But now with that available in nearly every major carrier, who or what will enter the ring for the next blood bath of advertising cage matches?  Contracts and Upgrades….Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

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Apple’s “Army of New Products” and the iWatch

By:  Josh Bickham
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Tim Cook says to expect “an army of new products this fall”.  Apple has already announced the release of new Mac Pro’s, Mac Airs, OS X Mavericks and most importantly the newly designed iOS 7 during WWDC 2013. So what other brigade of products can we expect to see marching in as we await for Apple to ‘release the Kraken’?

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Facebook Security Bug Exposes Your Private Info

By Josh Bickham

More than 6 million Facebook users and non-Facebook users private contact information is exposed by security bug.

Last week Facebook acknowledged the existence of a security bug that has been shrouded deep in its servers for the last year.  Facebook first reported to its users that the bug inadvertently exposed the contact information of some 6 million personal accounts.  But it seems as though Facebook isn’t admitting all the facts, and the leak of private information has extended much deeper and affected the private contact information of Non-Facebook users as well.

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